The FLoWS project

The identification of needs and development of best practice guidance for the psychological support of frontline healthcare workers during and after COVID-19

Progetto FLoWS

L'identificazione dei bisogni e lo sviluppo di linee guida per il supporto psicologico agli operatori sanitari in prima linea durante e dopo COVID-19

Surveys and interviews have now closed to new participants. We hope to share our findings shortly once we have analysed the data. To find out more about the next phase of this project, click here

Questo progetto si propone di individuare linee guida e raccomandazioni per gli specialisti e i manager della salute mentale che hanno il compito, nelle varie fasi della pandemia, di sostenere i lavoratori sanitari di prima linea che affrontano situazioni di disagio psicologico causato dell’emergenza sanitaria COVID-19. Chiediamo a operatori sanitari in Irlanda ed in Italia di contribuire a questo progetto, per poter costruire un quadro diversificato delle esperienze delle persone che hanno lavorato durante il picco della pandemia.

This project seeks to identify best-practice guidance for mental health specialists and managers tasked with supporting frontline healthcare workers struggling with psychological distress due to the COVID-19 crisis, at the various stages of the pandemic.

We will be asking frontline healthcare workers in Ireland and Italy to contribute to this project, to build a diverse picture of people's experiences working through the peak of the pandemic. If you are a frontline healthcare worker, you can contribute by completing a short questionnaire online, or by scheduling an interview with one of our researchers - or both if you want to! 

This work is funded by a Health Research Board - Irish Research Council COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant and has received ethical approval from the committees of NUI Galway, University of Milan Bicocca, and Galway University Hospital